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astonishing findings

We’ve invested in research which demonstrates, for the first time, the power of Assessment in Virtual Reality.

Our findings are emphatic and conclusive – VR has reached a tipping point where, if done right, our brain accepts the virtual environment as readily as it does the real world.

This means that VR has the power to help us to make predictions about likely real-life behaviour:

  • 95% respond to situations in full VR as they would in real life, giving it tremendous power as a form of assessment
  • Once people have experienced full VR, 95% state they would view an assessment process which included VR in a positive light
  • 90% would have a more favourable view of an organisation which used full VR as part of a selection or development process

VR brings with it many opportunities for forms of assessment which, until this point, were impossible or extremely expensive to replicate in reality.

The new world of opportunity to create assessment experiences in a virtual world is vast, and limited only by our imagination. Managed professionally and in alignment with best practice, VR assessment can be both hugely impressive and highly predictive.

You can download a copy of our ground-breaking white paper ‘Assessment in Virtual Reality’, which reveals full details of our research findings and provides a guide to best practice.

Assessment in Virtual Reality


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