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R2 Strengths Profiler

The Strengths Identification and Development Tool

Harnessing the power of strengths

R2 Strengths Profiler is the leading online strengths identification tool used to unlock the potential of individuals, teams and organisations around the world - and provides users with a comprehensive profile.

Through 180 questions, 60 strengths are accurately assessed according to the three dimensions of Energy, Performance and Use – with each user receiving their unique, personalised Profile, revealing their realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses and unrealised strengths.

Support is provided through the 4M Development Model. The advice you need to take your strengths to the next level.

  • Marshal realised strengths – use them appropriately for your situation and context.
  • Moderate learned behaviours – use them in moderation and only when you need to.
  • Minimise weaknesses – use them as little as possible and only where necessary.
  • Maximise unrealised strengths – find opportunities to use them more.

Insight & Learning

  • Understand the powerful difference between skills you do well and your true strengths.
  • Understand your untapped resources and how to minimise your weaknesses.
  • Watch your goal achievement improve and enjoy a fulfilling role.
  • Improve collaboration, engagement, delegation and delivery of tasks.

Why not take your learning to the next level and become accredited in R2.

If you are an Accredited Practitioner, you can access the R2 resources here


You can improve your self-awareness with 3 types of R2 Profiles:

Introductory (£20)
Expert (£30)
Team (£120)

Purchase Introductory and Expert Profiles here, or find out more about our Team Profile here.

Email our R2 Strengths Profiler help desk for any logistical questions or email Trudy to discuss how R2 Strengths Profiler can meet your development needs.

R2 Team Profile - Sample

R2 Technical Manual

R2 Overview


For our R2 Strengths Profiler help desk email Capp.

Buy now: £120.00


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