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Situational Strengths Testing (SST)

A truly representative experience

Assessing against a person's potential for success in the role

The SST works by asking a user to judge their typical reactions, feelings or behaviours against a realistic scenario-based set of questions – only advancing on the basis of their “fit” with the success criteria demanded by the role.

Used to manage any volume of applications, the SST is a reliable, accurate and quick tool that helps employers select the right people - with the right strengths - to deliver successful performance.

Key to its success is the SST’s ability to provide candidates with a realistic job preview, encouraging self-selection – with the look and feel being aligned to your culture, values and employer brand.

Customised Design

The SST is integrated within your online recruitment platform ensuring a seamless candidate experience.

Each candidate answers a series of customised scenario-based questions - each scenario assessing the strengths that will deliver successful performance in the role.

SST’s are delivered through Capp’s robust and secure technology and platforms.

Real time, dynamic progression flows – candidates are only advanced based on the strengths they demonstrate against your specific resourcing requirements.

Delivering Success

  • Cost effective candidate screening, minimal input and easy to manage.
  • Fast, efficient selection decisions that help you spot the right talent.
  • Early assessment of motivations and organisational fit.
  • Legally defensible with a robust selection methodology.
  • Differentiates your employer brand to applicants through the process.


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