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About Capp

We want to match the world to their perfect job

Founded in 2005, Capp have spent the past 12 years designing new and better ways of assessing people. At the heart of our product offering is our Strengths methodology, which has been developed by our CEO Alex Linley, a leading expert in the field of Positive Psychology.

Whilst underpinned by science and data the approach is straightforward. Strengths-based assessment focuses on the natural strengths and capabilities that exist in a person, and aims to align these to the academic course or employment role that the person is pursuing. Strengths are the things that we do well and enjoy, so there is an intrinsic motivation for a person to use their strengths. This intrinsic motivation underlies many of the results that have been shown when people use their strengths, including better workplace performance, faster learning, better retention in role, greater customer satisfaction and higher engagement.

Diversity and social mobility are integral to strengths-based assessment, since the assessment focuses on the person and what they bring, rather than being conflated with their previous experience and opportunity (which discriminates against people from less advantaged socioeconomic backgrounds). Strengths-based assessment therefore delivers much more fair assessment outcomes across gender, ethnicity and social background.

Capp work with clients across the entire candidate and employee lifecycle. From attracting the very best talent to supporting more experienced individuals seek out their next career move, we continually provide new and innovative products and solutions that deliver exceptional results for our partner organisations.

We have exceptional client retention which we attribute to our ongoing passion for delighting clients, constant product innovation and desire to continue disrupting the ever-changing world of job matching. 


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