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Development Solutions

Strengths-based Development

What are Development Solutions?

With 87% of millennials believing that development is their top priority, and 65% reporting that they would prefer to use their strengths at work than take a job with a higher salary, strengths development from day one is a priority- more now than ever.

As you support your people through their career, from transitioning into a new role to supporting them to understand new mindsets and live your organisational values, collaborating with Capp gives you access to 10 years of research, practice, and experience of strengths development with early talent, managers and leaders.

We provide assessments for development, strengths development modules, self-led learning, and manager tools and resources. Drawing on these four strands, we will provide you with comprehensive solutions that will develop, engage, retain, and inspire your people - whether it be 10 board members, 100 graduates, or 1000 call centre team members.

How we support our clients

We help our clients to develop the potential of employees at every step of their career.

For a first insight into strengths, the R2 Strengths Profiler is our tool of choice. Where employees have been recruited using Strengths-based recruitment, we can generate a Strengths Feedback report that is customised to individuals and will support with their on-boarding and first few months within the business.

To support further with on-boarding new joiners and to bring out the best in their teams, managers can implement our 90-day plans, which will provide clarity for the individual and allow the manager to positively manage performance.

For identifying leadership potential, we will work with you to profile the strengths, values, and cognitive capabilities required for leadership success. These will be assessed through a combination of talent assessment, high potential interview and additional psychometric assessments.

Our products can be customised and delivered virtually, face to face or licensed to you and supported with train the trainer sessions. 


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