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Assessing true potential

A unique and unparalleled methodology

By combining assessment of the past, the present and looking to the future - we can truly begin to understand a persons' potential.

Whether recruiting people in to your organisation or looking to better your understanding of the incumbent population, The Capp 3C Model can support you in developing a comprehensive appreciation of  potential, across all areas of the business and at all leadership levels.

Assess the CORE - the traits and experiences that have formed a person’s past

Assess CAPABILITY - the abilities and technical skills that a person can do

Assess CAPACITY - the strengths, appetite and values that determine what a person would love to do


When it comes to making mid to senior manager level appointments, you want to be sure that you are selecting the right people. To provide a comprehensive assessment of potential, a 3C High Potential Assessment includes a High Potential Interview (HPI), the Situational Judgement Test for Potential (SSTP), and additional relevant assessments. In combination, they provide a holistic measure of an individual’s potential to succeed in a certain role or range of roles.

The High Potential Interview (HPI) is a robust and in depth 1:1 assessment of current capability and future capacity. Built upon our leading edge strengths interview and life story interview methodologies, the HPI provides deep insight about strengths, capabilities, and potential strengths.

The Situational Judgement Test for Potential (SSTP) is the ideal solution for assessing an individual’s current leadership capability and future leadership capacity. Built upon principles of Computer Adaptive Testing the test appears to tailor itself to the individual, asking progressively more challenging questions as their leadership levels are established.

Supporting assessments include the Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Inductive Reasoning Tests all demonstrating low adverse impact and suitable for graduate to senior management levels. 


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