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Aviva Development Solution

Global Graduate Leadership Programme

Aviva had a key priority to reinvent the way they identified, selected, and developed leaders to create a strong succession pipeline.


Aviva's people strategy 'Leadership for Today and Tomorrow' is at the core of their objective to reinvent the way they identify, select, and develop their future leaders. Whilst Aviva had a strong graduate offering, there was no formal development programme in place to support and promote this group across their global network.


With the support of Capp, the Global Graduate Leadership Programme (GGLP) launched in September 2016 with 31 graduates recruited onto the 3-year Strengths-based development programme. The project aimed to develop future business leader capability through high exposure and rapidly accelerated development opportunities. The graduates follow a 3-year development journey that aligns directly to Aviva's overall strategic objectives of customer experience, digital innovation, and targeted growth. Sessions are full of interactive elements, a blend of self-led learning, peer-to-peer learning, and input from senior leaders, all of which allows the graduates to learn more about themselves and the organisation.

First Year

A global induction kicks off the programme. The speakers include CEO Mark Wilson speaking about his own strengths of focus, drive, and incisiveness, and how they helped move his career forward. This is followed by a Strengths-based workshop to help graduates understand their strengths and how to use them. For the rest of the year the group participate in monthly virtual modules based on the eight key development strengths that were identified as most strongly associated with predicting success on GGLP. The first year is brought to a close with the opportunity to get 360 feedback on the eight development strengths plus a development event that consolidates their learning from the year and prepares them for their next rotation.

Second Year

The second year includes three Strengths-based mini-series that develop a deeper understanding of three key development strengths - Catalyst, Enabler, and Momentum - to grow the graduates’ leadership skills and empower them to develop their potential as they step into leadership roles. They were developed to inspire the graduates to make positive changes to future proof initiatives and keep them moving forward through any obstacles, as well as supporting others to grow to create a collaborative culture that helps others reach their potential. In tandem, they participate in projects such as ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ to utilise their strengths in real life. The year again comes to a close with 360 feedback and a development event


Final Year

The third year provides bite-sized virtual sessions each month, where each participant has the opportunity to pick up some new tools and models, as well as lean on the experience and expertise of their peers, which is all framed around the Aviva Leadership Expectations. Each mini-series kicks off with an ‘Explore’ session that introduces new content, and then followed by ‘Spark’ sessions that integrate action learning theory, previously learnt tools, and the opportunity to receive input from peers. The year is topped and tailed by two unique sessions; the first encouraging participants to think about where they are now as ‘leaders’ and where they want to be at the end. The final module will give each participant the opportunity to share lessons learnt and the creation of their own 5 tips for success that they will embody moving forward.


The programme has been extremely well received and full feedback has been gained from the first two years of the programme:

  • 86% of graduates rated the monthly virtual modules as very good or excellent
  • 80% of graduates agreed or strongly agreed that the content was relevant to them
  • 95% of graduates rated themselves as having an excellent or good understanding of their strengths

Anecdotal candidate responses include:

  • "To have benefited from so many business heads and to have been given an hour of the CEO's time was an immense privilege."
  • "Really enjoyed the Enabler session, definitely committed to trying to create a few group norms. Possibly one of the most applicable sessions we've had so far."
  • "Catalyst 2 module was one of the best sessions: simple and directly linked to what we do on a daily basis."



  • Best Onboarding Strategy – ISE Student Development Awards, 2018
  • Best Strategic Alignment – ISE Student Development Awards, 2018
  • Best Emerging Talent Recruitment Strategy – FIRM Awards, 2018
  • Best Graduate Induction – AGR Development Awards, 2017

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