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Aviva Volume Solution

Call Centre Operatives

Being an early adopter of the strengths methodology provided Aviva with a competitive edge and impressive business results.


Aviva needed to differentiate itself in how it recruited and developed talent. Strengths was identified as the best methodology to attract, identify, select, and retain talent, whilst simultaneously living their internal brand promise. Aviva was an early adopter of strengths in the UK and therefore knowledge of this methodology was limited. Capp focused on providing Aviva with a solution that was underpinned by research, data, and supported by our expertise, to influence key stakeholders and successfully implement the new approach.


Capp initially carried out a Success Analysis, which included identifying what differentiated high and low performers in a role and establishing the key strengths required to be successful at Aviva. This allowed Capp to then advise on attraction advertising, design a bespoke Strengths-based recruitment process and finally train interviewers and line managers on how to implement the new approach.

Capp initially delivered a series of pilot projects that all delivered compelling business improvements. As a consequence, Aviva went on to implement Strengths-based recruitment across the UK General Insurance business, covering a total of 130 roles.


  • Cost per hire reduced from £950 to £577; a 39% cost reduction
  • Customer satisfaction up by 14.5%
  • Quality up by 14.5%
  • Call average answer delay down by 54%
  • Attrition over 12 months reduced by 50%
  • Sickness absence reduced by 4.1%
  • Faster induction of 1 week rather than 2-3 weeks
  • Greater diversity of employees across age, ethnicity, and (non) industry experience

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