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Boehringer Ingelheim Volume Solution

Implementing new company culture

Both internal and external candidates went through a process to appoint 100 individuals from a strengths perspective.


Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is a family owned top 20 global pharmaceutical company, founded in 1885. In 2012, BI UK embarked on a culture change project entitled ‘Implementing Boehringer Ingelheim’s future’. A priority for ‘Implementing Boehringer Ingelheim’s future’ was to ensure that all employees were developed from a Strengths-based perspective, had the opportunity to know what their strengths were, and how their strengths would help them live the behaviours needed in the new culture.


The key objective of this project was to embed an end-to-end Strengths-based approach to support with recruitment and development of all field-based employees, both potential candidates and current staff. This would ensure that BI aligned the right individuals within their organisations to support the drive towards the new culture.

There were three stages to this process; Developing Role Profiles - Ensuring the creation of high quality, outcome orientated role profiles; Success Matching - Strengths mapped to the outcomes as identified within the role profiles; Validation Workshops - Conducted with stakeholders to validate the strengths mapped to the role profiles.

Capp developed a suite of materials and tools that were self-led and practical to use, from team development tools and strengthspotting guides, to a bank of validated Strengths-based interview questions and Assessment Centre exercises. BI are now further rolling out strengths to other parts of the business and have a Strengths and Development Advocacy Team in place to ensure that strengths continue to be fully embedded.


  • 95% of successful candidates enjoyed going through the Strengths-based Interview more so than other interviews they have attended
  • 99% of successful candidates have a greater awareness of their strengths and value BI as a result of the Strengths-based Interview
  • 88% of assessors thought the Strengths-based Interview enabled them to distinguish between low, average and high performers
  • 88% of assessors were able to score the Strengths-based Interview more accurately and easily compared to the previous competency approach

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