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Civil Service Apprentice Solution

Cyber Security Talent

To future-proof the country, the Civil Service launched a campaign to recruit the next generation of Cyber Security professionals.


The Apprenticeship was delivered by QA, with Capp commissioned to design and deliver the recruitment process. The key requirements and aspirations for this recruitment were:

  • To improve overall candidate quality in the Cyber Security Apprentice Programme
  • To improve the representation of female candidates in the Cyber Security Apprentice Programme
  • To recruit sufficient candidates of a sufficient calibre to meet the requisition needs of participating government departments
  • To deliver an excellent candidate experience for all applicants for the roles
  • To deliver a truly fair recruitment process that did not discriminate against candidates on the basis of their social background, gender, or ethnicity, or whether or not they held STEM qualifications – all in service of the Civil Service Talent Action Plan


Particular attention was paid throughout this process to ensure inclusion for candidates who may have been more introverted or who may have been on the autistic spectrum. This was achieved through a deep understanding of what truly predicts success for specific roles, innovative assessment design and high-quality delivery of the recruitment process.

The recruitment process included the Apprentice Strengths Test, Numerical Reasoning Test, and Technology Mindset assessment, as well as a Strengths-based Telephone Interview assessment with the strengths assessed being specifically mapped to the Cyber Security Apprenticeship Standard. Finally, the Assessment Centre included a group exercise, presentation exercise and Strengths-based Interview with Civil Service stakeholders to identify the best-fit candidates for the roles.


For clients

  • All vacancies successfully filled with additional candidates offered due to high-quality applicants
  • 25% offers made to female candidates, a significant increase on previous campaigns
  • No adverse impact relative to gender, ethnicity, or social background

For candidates

  • 100% have a more positive view of the Civil Service brand as a result of their Strengths-based Interview
  • 100% think the Civil Service stands out compared to other apprenticeship recruiters by using a Strengths-based Interview
  • 98% think the Civil Service is an innovative recruiter by using the Technology Mindset assessment
  • 93% of candidates enjoyed the Strengths-based Telephone Interview more than competency based interviews
  • 93% of candidates thought the Apprentice Strengths Test was an engaging and innovative assessment

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