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Domestic & General Volume Solution

Contact Centre Sales Operatives

Domestic & General needed drastic change in their process to improve perception of their organisation and quality of hire.


The majority of recruitment for Domestic & General (D&G) is for inbound sales operatives across multiple contact centres in Nottingham and Brighton. There were two key objectives for the project. Firstly, D&G wanted to review their attraction collateral to ensure they were appealing to the correct audience. Secondly, there was a need to standardise their recruitment and assessment process across all contact centres.

The core challenge for Capp on this project was managing the conflicting opinions of stakeholders. Due to the two contact centres operating in isolation, the initial process of agreeing the core set of strengths became extremely difficult.


Capp initially conducted a Success Analysis to define what strengths were required to succeed across the various roles within the D&G UK call centres and used the power of this research to influence relevant stakeholders. Capp then designed and validated Strengths-based job adverts, online Situational Strengths Test (SST), Strengths-based Interviews, and Assessment Centre exercises to reliably measure the core and differential strengths for the various roles. To provide candidate feedback, automated feedback reports, based on SST performance, were provided for both successful and unsuccessful candidates.


  • 93% of assessors felt the new recruits were better aligned to the D&G culture
  • 77% of assessors felt that new hires were able to achieve a quicker speed to competence in role
  • 100% of assessors agreed the Strengths-based approach helped them differentiate between low, average and high performance, and identify candidates who were a good fit for the Contact Centre Role
  • 100% of assessors believed the approach helped distinguish them as an employer
  • 100% of D&G agreed the Strengths-based approach was the best way to recruit Contact Centre Agents

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