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Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Solution

Experienced Hire Recruitment

In a performance and competency driven culture, strengths and the desire to assess potential has substantially changed the way HFRS view talent recruitment.


Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) were looking to implement a consistent process across various levels of seniority within separate business functions. Their Operational Roles spanned six levels of seniority, from Area and Group Managers to the front line service crew, whilst Service Administration roles ranged from Senior Hires to Administrative Assistants across five levels.

HFRS needed a solution that would harmonise recruitment at each level with a view to presenting a clear and consistent framework to show career pathways that allow for progression within each function.


Capp conducted a levelled Success Analysis to identify the strengths across these roles and how they change from one level to the next. With the Fire Fighter role as a starting point, the Success Analysis led to the decision to remove their application form in favour of the Situational Strengths Test. Not only would this save substantial time for a very heavily resourced team, but candidates would get a very explicit, real job preview, essential for roles of the operational nature, such as dealing and coping with trauma.

Individual Strengths-based Interviews were implemented across all roles to measure the core company strengths and differential role strengths, along with the unique strengths for each level. The Service Administration function undertook training to run future Strengths-based Interviews in-house.


  • Situational Strengths Test provided a broad range of scores, successfully differentiating between low, medium, and high performing candidates
  • Strengths-based Interview successfully differentiated between candidates selecting the 3 clear top performers
  • All roles were filled, with additional roles/campaigns created due to a surplus of high performing candidates
  • Area Manager role was successfully filled on the basis of strengths, as the Strengths-based Interview identified their potential for the role

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