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Junior Unreal VR Developer

Competitive Salary

The VR Development Team at Capp are looking for a new member.

Role Description

As a Junior Unreal VR Developer, you will enjoy responsibility for a range of technical and creative aspects of the development of our VR Assessment and Development Platform, further details of which can be found at

The role primarily focuses on writing high quality, well commented, reusable Blueprint code and augmenting with C++ as required. This will be alongside QA activity, debugging, builds, and deploys. In addition, you will be invited to contribute creatively to the development of the platform, such as new environment ideas and design, alongside suggestions for improving the existing platform.

The Capp VR Assessment and Development platform, built in Unreal, currently features 15 environments, built in a modular platform. The environments, each designed to measure different aspects of behaviour or ability, range from the more familiar (such as an office reception) to the more creative and unexpected (such as an Egyptian tomb).

We currently use the HTC Vive Pro as our primary HMD, and we are constantly looking to integrate the use of new and sometimes exotic hardware as it becomes available (including new input devices, eye tracking, and various sensory devices).

Essential Behavioural Preferences

  • A genuine passion for Virtual Reality and other immersive technologies
  • An enjoyment, and genuine appreciation of the importance and benefits, of collaboration
  • A naturally logical and methodical problem solver
  • Pride in your work and a desire to produce work of the highest quality
  • An inner creative streak, which you are keen to apply
  • Being naturally able to spot what isn’t working optimally, and suggesting ways of making it better

Essential Skills/Knowledge

  • Building Unreal-based applications
  • C++ and object-oriented programming
  • Unreal Blueprint scripting
  • Unreal debugging and performance testing
  • A decent amount of Unreal physics/physx knowledge
  • Perforce experience
  • Windows development experience

Desirable Skills/Knowledge

  • Building Unreal-based VR applications
  • Experience developing with the HTC Vive/Vive Pro
  • Python
  • ML


To apply, please submit your CV, together with a summary of how your technical capabilities align with the essential requirements above, to Jamie Betts - Head of Virtual Reality Assessment on

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