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Lloyds Banking Group Early Talent Solution

Multi-assessment approach

This highly efficient process was implemented to build a workforce reflective of the communities that Lloyds Banking Group serve.



The vision for the assessment and selection strategy was straightforward, yet genuinely ambitious – to combine the best possible candidate experience with fantastic predictive validity, and in doing so creating a truly level playing field for all. The key success measurements included improved diversity, predictive validity, candidate experience, and process efficiency.


An in-depth analysis was conducted with Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) to identify the core strengths required to be successful at the bank through a series of interviews, focus groups and quantitative surveys. In terms of attraction an innovative on-campus and digital game was developed. Using the core strengths, five ‘tribes’ were identified, each representing a job family or career path to which each of the 14 programmes were mapped.

LBG introduced a multi-assessment approach combining behavioral, cognitive, and technical elements into a single test completed in a single 90-minutes. Candidates are immediately informed if they are successful and progress straight to the asynchronous Strengths-based Interview and finally an Assessment Centre. The frontloading of the tests at the start of the process enables better all-round candidate potential rather than conducting arbitrary screen-outs based on single elements of the testing.


  • 100% of candidates reported that LBG's recruitment process stood out as innovative due to the Strengths-based approach
  • 94% of candidates had a more positive impression of LBG as a result of the Strengths-based Assessment Centre
  • Candidates complete all stages of the process from application up to Assessment Centre within 90 minutes
  • Pass rates at Assessment Centre has improved from 30% to 52%

Diversity hiring statistics have improved significantly:

  • 45% of Graduate offers and 48% of Intern offers made to female candidates 
  • 34% of Graduate offers and 40% of Intern offers made to BAME candidates 
  • 4% of Graduate offers and 4% Intern offers made to disabled candidates



  • Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – AGR Student Recruitment Awards, 2017
  • Best Graduate Recruitment Strategy – Recruiter Awards, 2017


  • Best Diversity Strategy – Target Jobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards, 2017
  • Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – FIRM Awards, 2017

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