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Lloyds Banking Group were the first company, globally, to use Virtual Reality within their recruitment process.


Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) identified issues with diversity across their Digital and IT graduate assessment process needed a solution to address this. Analysis showed that female and ethnic minorities candidates were not progressing as the same rate as other candidates. In addition, LBG wanted to create a genuinely unique experience for their candidates that allowed them to utilise new technologies yet still identify and recruit the best talent for their graduate programmes. The solution for both these issues came in the form of Virtual Reality (VR).


Following an in-depth piece of research, LBG decided that VR could be the right solution for their recruitment process. The research revealed that if VR is delivered in the right way, it is convincing enough for your brain to truly believe that you are there. This means that VR has the power to help make predictions about real-life behaviour more accurately than ever before.

However, having a genuinely innovative process means nothing unless it also delivers the highest quality candidates with no bias across gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or socio-economic background. This solution does both, and positions LBG as a leading-edge and best-in-class organisation.

LBG launched the Virtual Reality Assessment Lab as part of their Assessment Centre, alongside an interview, group exercise and micro-challenges. LBG were the first company, globally, to use Virtual Reality within their recruitment process. The success of this has led LBG to further roll-out VR across all their graduate programmes.


  • 100% of candidates rated the experience of VR as impressive
  • 98% of candidates believed that it can be used as a fair and robust form of assessing strengths
  • Candidate data shows that there is no bias aligned to ethnicity or gender
  • Good level of scoring differentiation achieved, indicating that VR is effective at differentiating between levels of capability
  • “It was the highlight of the Assessment Centre.”
  • “A really memorable and enjoyable experience.”
  • “It makes you stand out as being different and innovative.”
  • “Very impressive use of technology and a challenging assessment also.”
  • Assessors have been incredibly impressed with how VR is helping them to identify innate authentic behaviours rather than the practised responses often demonstrate



  • Recruitment Technology Partnership – RAD Awards, 2018
  • Innovation of the Year – FIRM Awards, 2017


  • Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year – Recruiter Awards, 2018
  • Best Innovation – RAD Awards, 2018
  • Best Innovation – Drum Recruitment Business Awards, 2017
  • Innovation in Recruitment – Personnel Awards, 2017
  • Excellence in Innovation – Association of Business Psychologists, 2017

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