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Nestlé Early Talent Solution

Inclusivity for the Future 

Nestlé's vision was to attract and develop young people from all backgrounds, who have the potential to grow into managers and future leaders.


In order to address their major issue of an ageing workforce, Nestlé needed to design and implement a new assessment process to attract and develop a diverse Early Talent population. They wanted to ensure that no talented individuals, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, or social background would be prevented from progressing through the process.


Nestle´ partnered with Capp to implement a Strengths-based assessment strategy. The process began with conducting a robust Success Analysis to identify eight core strengths and numerical capability required by candidates. The innovative assessments designed measured these criteria via Capp’s Situational Strengths Test and Numerical Reasoning Test.

The entire recruitment process was delivered using Capp's employability and recruitment platform that helps to provide access to a broader range of opportunities and employability support through practice tests and development assessments. Nestle´ also provided personalised strengths feedback reports to all candidates, enabling them to learn about their strengths and other potential career matches.


  • Removal of screening criteria that had been used previously (300 UCAS points and a 2.1 degree)
  • 29% of candidates would not have not met previous minimum eligibility
  • 21% of hires in 2015 and 16% of hires in 2016 would not have met the previous minimum eligibility
  • Nearly 6000 candidates were provided with a personalised feedback
  • 94% of candidates think that Nestle´ sends a positive social message to young people by using the employability platform



  • The Best of the Best – AGR Student Recruitment Awards, 2015
  • School Leaver Strategy – AGR Student Recruitment Awards, 2015
  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – AGR Student Recruitment Awards, 2015
  • Innovation in Recruitment – Recruiter Awards, 2015
  • Best Early Career Strategy – Recruiter Awards, 2014


  • Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – In-house Recruitment Awards, 2016

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