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Scientific Mindset

Part of the mindset suite

What is it?

The Assessment for Scientific Mindset was developed through an extensive literature review of the characteristics and attitudes of exceptional scientists and scientific thinkers, including the academic research literature, popular literature and more modern blogs that identified characteristics and attributes of exceptional scientists and scientific thinkers.

How does it work?

We have developed an extensive initial item bank that was subjected to several rounds of data collection and statistical analysis. For the final Scientific Mindset assessment, four dimensions were finally identified as comprising exceptional Scientific Mindset:

  • Openness: These items assess a person’s openness to evidence and explanations, always being prepared to question rather than taking things for granted
  • Evidence: These items assess a person’s focus on using evidence to arrive at their decision
  • Investigation: These items assess a person’s focus on exploring and understanding why things happen as they do
  • Learning: These items assess a person’s aptitude and desire for learning
When should I use it?

The scientific mindset assessment can be used when looking to understand a persons suitability to roles where a level of scientific thought and approach is required. Roles that require an analytical, exploratory, or certain level of questioning within them would lend themselves to benefiting from the scientific mindset assessment to help understand a person's suitability to such role.

What is the impact?

For some clients, the scientific mindset has proven to be one of the most predictive parts of their selection process.

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