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Severn Trent Early Talent Solution

End-to-End Process

Severn Trent identified the need to create an inclusive process to increase the flow of diverse talent into the water industry.


Severn Trent needed a solution that not only delivered against business needs, but also an inclusive process that allowed the very best talent, regardless of their background, to excel in their process. They wanted to improve the candidate experience through increased engagement, better education about the sector, reduced time to hire, and provision of candidate feedback. When coupled with the increase in internal demand and an ever-increasingly competitive apprentice and graduate marketplace, this meant a necessitated focus on the attraction and assessment of New Talent.


As Severn Trent re-designed their entire recruitment process, the full suite of Capp’s Strengths-based recruitment solutions were implemented. To first identify what strengths were critical for success at Severn Trent, and in particular for their graduates and apprentices to succeed, Capp conducted a Success Analysis. Using a range of research methods through focus groups and stakeholder interviews, Capp established the 9 core strengths required to be successful at Severn Trent. These strengths were then the foundation for the end-to-end recruitment solution, from application form to hire.

Candidates were first asked to complete a short application form and a Situational Strengths Test (SST). Candidates who met the required benchmark on the SST were then asked to complete Capp’s Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests to examine the cognitive abilities associated with success in the role. The final stage of the assessment process was a Strengths-based Assessment Centre, where candidates attended Severn Trent for half a day of assessment, with engaging activities that reflect the challenging and interesting scenarios they might encounter at Severn Trent.


  • 96% of candidates agreed that the Assessment Centre gave an accurate insight into life at Severn Trent
  • 96% of candidates found the Graduate SBI engaging
  • 100% of candidates found the Apprentice group exercise engaging and interesting to complete
  • Application time reduced from approximately 3 hours to 40 mins
  • Increase in completed applications by approximately 50%
  • A reduction of 300 assessor hours
  • 40% of graduate intake are female (industry sector average 32%)
  • 34% of graduate intake from a BAME background (industry sector average 18%)


  • Best Social Mobility Strategy – Target Jobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards, 2018
  • Best Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Strategy – FIRM Awards, 2018
  • Excellence in Assessment – Association of Business Psychologists, 2017
  • Best Diversity and Inclusion – AGR Student Recruitment Awards, 2017
  • Best Graduate Assessment and Selection Strategy – AGR Student Recruitment Awards, 2017
  • People Initiative of the Year – Water Industry Achievement Awards, 2017
  • Best Graduate Recruitment Strategy – Recruiter Awards, 2017
  • Best Social Mobility Strategy – Target Jobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards, 2017
  • Best Diversity Strategy – Target Jobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards, 2017

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