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Situational Strengths Test

assess suitability for any role

What is it?

The Situational Strengths Test (SST) is one of our bespoke recruitment solutions that assesses suitability by measuring candidates against a set of realistic scenarios. It works by asking a user to judge their typical reactions, feelings or behaviours against a realistic scenario-based set of questions. Their responses will be mapped against the strengths required within the organisation and role, with candidates only advancing based on their 'fit' with these success criteria.

How does it work?

The Capp SST is a reliable, accurate tool that helps employers select the right people, with the right strengths, to deliver successful performance. It provides candidates with a realistic job preview, encouraging self-selection, with the look and feel being aligned to your culture, values, and employer brand.

When should I use it?

Due to the bespoke nature of the Capp SST, it can be used to assess suitability for any role and is typically used at the beginning of the recruitment process for screening purposes. It is delivered through Capp’s robust and secure technology and platforms, and we work closely with our clients to integrate the Capp SST into current online recruitment platforms ensuring a seamless candidate experience.

What is the impact?

  • 96% of candidates found the Situational Strengths Test engaging and innovative
  • 93% of candidates reported that the Situational Strengths Test gave them a realistic insight into everyday working life
  • 0% adverse impact across the Situational Strengths Test

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How can we help you?

Our assessment products and services can support across your entire process, whether your need is for something straight 'off-the-shelf', customisable or completely bespoke.

Use our simple tool to find the product and service that best suits your current needs.


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