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Standard Chartered Bank Volume Solution

Global Recruitment and Development

The core objective of the project was to create a more streamlined, consistent experience across the bank’s 30 global locations.


The truly global nature of this work required effective management of stakeholders across multiple cultures, geographies, and cultures. The overall solution then needed to be flexible enough to allow for geographical nuances whilst maintaining an overall consistent approach. Our biggest learning was that it is possible to challenge and change traditional recruitment methods by improving efficiency, and building internal knowledge and capability.


Capp initially conducted a Success Analysis to define core strengths across banking, business functions and retail roles in the business for graduate volume hiring. These were then translated into a customised online Situational Strengths Test and Strengths-based Interviews for use via video and face-to-face dependent upon region. To ensure that the assessors could use all of the relevant material, Capp delivered a number of train-the-trainer sessions to enable managers across the business to administer Strengths-based Interviews across Asia Pacific.

In terms of onboarding, each successful candidate was asked to complete the Strengths Profile. This data enabled Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) to design a tailored 5-day induction programme at the end of which graduates were allocated to the most suitable graduate programme. In addition to the products already mentioned, SCB also embedded Capp’s online numerical test due to its time-recorded approach, which supports to eliminate adverse impact.


  • TSST completed by 120,000 candidates across 30 different countries
  • SBI content delivered across 30 countries
  • SST is highly predictive of performance and likelihood of offer
  • No adverse impact across 30 countries, looking across gender, ethnicity, nationality
  • Removed Assessment Centre due to quality of process leading to improved and streamlined process

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