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Stonegate Volume Solution

Making Informed decisions  

The Stonegate project had a clear purpose – to support candidates to select the right role and dramatically reduce their attrition rate.


Stonegate had 2 key priorities. Firstly, they wanted to dramatically reduce attrition, which was at an all-time high and creating issues across their business. Secondly, they needed to set realistic expectations with candidates when applying for their operational roles by improving their attraction materials.

Due to the significant number of brands under the Stonegate Pub Company umbrella, reaching agreement on their core strengths took a significant amount of analysis and discussion. The inheritance of staff during takeovers made any change within the business difficult to implement and in addition, as the pub also employed a high % of part-time staff, there was a constant and ongoing need to re-recruit.


Capp adapted their approach accordingly and began by initially conducting a Success Analysis to define a number of customer service roles within their UK establishments, which included kitchen, floor/bar and also front of house staff. The Success Analysis led to the design and validation of a Situational Strengths Test (SST), Strengths-based Interview, and Assessment Centre exercises to reliably measure the core and differential strengths.

All solutions were tailored to suit the working environment, including adapting the SST for an iPad (to replace a hand-in CV) for instant feedback and a cocktail making exercise for the Assessment Centre. Capp also helped develop a series of Strengths-based job adverts to help candidates understand what was required to be successful in the different roles at the organisation.


  • 1,064 people completed the Candidate Perceptions survey
  • Candidates thought the application questions were fair and relevant
  • 91% of candidates enjoyed the strengths quiz more than other tests
  • 93% of candidates have a more positive view of Stonegate Pub Company’s brand as a result of the strengths quiz
  • "My candidate experience was one of the best I have ever completed! I felt like the application was quick and simple, plus the strength questions were varied and thoughtful.”
  • “I found this to be a more fun, relaxed approach, rather than the usual tedious ticking of boxes and paragraphs.”

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