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Strengths-based Attraction

Diversify your talent pool

What is it?

Strengths-based Attraction educates the candidate and helps them to self-select via a range of advertising and marketing methods. Messaging within this marketing will be aligned specifically to the strengths required for the organisation and role, and will enable the candidate to make a more informed decision about their application.

How does it work?

Building Strengths-based messaging into communications at an early stage has a number of benefits. In addition to a consistent approach (strengths) throughout the process, it can also help to diversify your talent pool, improve competitor differentiation, and lead to a better candidate quality.

When should I use it?

Strengths-based Attraction helps candidates to decide if they are appropriate for the organisation and role. It can be used across all levels of recruitment, including high volume Early Talent recruitment within campus and online games, through to experienced hire and specialist jobs via tailored job adverts.

What is the impact?

  • 67% of candidates who experienced Strengths-based Attraction methods had a more positive view of the brand
  • 33% of candidates who experienced Strength-based Attraction had a better understanding of the role
  • Reduction in administration and resource time through lower volume high-quality applications

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