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Strengths Profile

deep insights into your strengths

What is it?

Our Strengths Profile gives you a complete understanding of your strengths so that you can make the most of them at work, at home, and in your relationships with others.

How does it work?

Strengths Profile is an accurate strengths assessment that not only helps you become more aware of your passions and abilities, but gives you an awareness of whether you are using them effectively. We have identified 60 key strengths to give you a more detailed analysis, resulting in a unique Profile that feels like a true representation of who you are. There are four types of Strengths Profile – Introductory and Expert for individuals, as well as Team and Manager Insights for organisations. The tool is used for personal and career development through to team engagement and manager training.

When should I use it?

When we use our strengths, research tells us we're happier, engaged and more likely to achieve our goals. Knowing your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy. This doesn't just benefit you, but also the people, groups, teams and organisations you work with. When each person knows their strengths and makes use of them, group and team relationships are stronger and people produce better work. When you become more aware of your strengths, you can use them to become your best self. Individuals may recognise a handful of their strengths, but they are also likely to discover so much more hidden talent by using our tool. Strengths Profile helps you to understand what you love to do and what you don’t through the use of four categories:

Realised Strengths: Strengths you use and enjoy

Unrealised Strengths: Strengths you don’t use as often

Learned Behaviours: Things you do well but may not enjoy

Weaknesses: Things you find hard and don’t enjoy

What is the impact?

When you become more aware of your strengths, you can use them to become your best self. Strengths Profile will help you to:

  • Know yourself
  • Be happier
  • Achieve your goals
  • Improve performance
  • Build group relationships
  • Strengthen your career

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How can we help you?

Our assessment products and services can support across your entire process, whether your need is for something straight 'off-the-shelf', customisable or completely bespoke.

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