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Virtual Reality

Robust authentic assessment driving natural behaviours

Real Assessment in a Virtual World

The research and real-world trials are complete. And the results are truly remarkable. And now, we’re excited to launch the world’s first VR assessment platform. Before we dive in and fully immerse ourselves, it’s worth clarifying what we mean by ‘virtual reality’.

You’ll see us referring to ‘full VR’, by which we mean total immersion, and the freedom to walk around naturally, with 360 degrees of freedom, just as you can in real life. Not only that but also being able to interact with the virtual world in a natural and instinctive way.

This kind of full VR takes immersion to a whole new level, and goes well beyond basic VR experiences. It’s through full VR that we have focused our research and development, and built the world’s first VR Assessment Platform. We’re excited to share our research and real-world results with you, and reveal for the first time the power of Assessment in Virtual Reality.

The magic of ‘presence’

Everything in VR comes down to Presence. Presence is what happens when you are inside a VR experience so compelling, that your subconscious brain believes it is ‘there’. It doesn’t matter if you know it isn’t real. If your brain starts to believe, then sooner or later your instincts will take over.

Presence is truly remarkable, both conceptually and as a hands-on experience, and it is powerful.

Well crafted VR experiences deliver sustained presence, and the implications for assessment are huge. If people behave in VR as they would in real life, that means we can assess people in a virtual environment and draw accurate conclusions regarding their likely real-life responses.

In building the VR Assessment Platform, we’ve ensured presence is created and sustained – this drives natural behaviour and responses, allowing the VR Assessment Platform to make accurate predictions about how people behave and respond in the real world.

Our VR research – key findings

Our findings are emphatic and conclusive – VR has reached a tipping point where, if done right, our brain accepts the virtual environment as readily as it does the real world.

This means that VR has the power to help us to make predictions about likely real-life behaviour:

  • 95% respond to situations in full VR as they would in real life, giving it tremendous power as a form of assessment
  • Once people have experienced full VR, 95% state they would view an assessment process which included VR in a positive light
  • 90% would have a more favourable view of an organisation which used full VR as part of a selection or development process

VR brings with it many opportunities for forms of assessment which, until this point, were impossible or extremely expensive to replicate in reality. The new world of opportunity to create assessment experiences in a virtual world is vast. Managed professionally and in alignment with best practice, VR assessment can be both hugely impressive and highly predictive.

Real world results and benefits

Full VR is able to deliver assessment that was previously impossible to execute in reality. Not only that, Assessment in Virtual Reality brings with it tremendous consistency. All variables can be tightly controlled within software, leading to a fair and levelled assessment playing field for all participants.

Real-world use of the VR Assessment Platform with several FTSE-100 employers have yielded the following results and benefits:

  • Incredible candidate feedback – with 90% leaving with a more positive impression of the employer
  • Actual and perceived fairness – 95% of assessed candidates believe the assessments to be robust and fair
  • A boost to diversity – with no adverse impact aligned to gender, age, or ethnicity
  • Reliable and valid – with robust performance differentiation and proven alignment with established assessment methods

Not only that, but Assessment in VR overcomes one of the biggest challenges of current day assessment – over-preparedness and polish from candidates who know how to ‘game’ traditional, predictable assessments. By delivering unexpected and challenging assessments, VR can strip away that ‘over-preparedness’ and reveal, sometimes for the first time, the true person.

For further insight into the real-world results and benefits of Assessment in Virtual Reality, get in touch and we’d be delighted to share our data and cases studies.

The Capp VR Assessment Platform

Our research convinced us of the power of VR for assessment. So, in a global first, we have invested in the creation of the VR Assessment Platform. Utilising the latest in VR technology, and incorporating a highly innovative modular design, the Capp VR Assessment Platform is built for assessment from the ground up.

Participants start in a simple reception room as they acclimatise to VR, and from there, the flexible and modular nature of the software kicks in – and they can be directed to wherever you wish to take them, to assess the behaviour you are seeking to measure.

Features and benefits of the Capp VR Assessment Platform include:

  • A wide choice of assessed environments, measuring a wealth of different behaviours and aptitudes
  • Full customisation options including branding (high quality, interactive 3D models of your company logo)
  • 100% seamless immersion in high-end, full VR - for the best possible participant experience

Our research has proven beyond doubt that, when VR is done right, people respond just as they would in real life. This gives the Capp VR Assessment Platform tremendous power as an assessment tool which is fair, consistent, and predictive.

Experience the VR Assessment Platform

Words alone, no matter how descriptive, cannot convey what it looks and feels like to be completely immersed in a realistic virtual world.

All of your natural instincts and emotions will come into play, and when you experience ‘presence’ for the first time, it will change the way you think about VR - and how it can be used for assessment or development.

For this reason, we recommend signing up to one of our demo events, and experiencing for yourself the Capp VR Assessment Platform. Get in touch and we’d be delighted to share the next available dates with you. Read more about VR solutions in our Aviva and Lloyds Banking Group case studies.

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