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Flexible content across practical tools

What is it?

We have worked hard to ensure that our Workshops really make a difference and inspire learning.

How does it work?

We take the design of our Workshops very seriously, after all, no one ever felt inspired to make a change after a session on a topic that felt irrelevant to them. We are not only committed to making sure each online or face-to-face session is as interactive as possible, but that they are immersed in the most relevant and practical tools that can be put into action immediately.

When should I use it?

Capp believe that there are a number of elements that make learning happen and that content is only one of these. Whilst we use the best designers and most up-to-date psychology in our designs, we also hand pick the best facilitators in the business to make sure the content lands in a way that is appropriate for the specific organisational needs. Each facilitator is an expert in Strengths-based approaches, is accredited through Capp’s trainer programme, and always proficiently craft and flex the content to each brief.

What is the impact?

Our programmes have earned us a number of recognitions from the industry (Shortlisted for the ISE Development Award 2018, FIRM Awards 2017, and an Innovation in Business-Led Development at the AGR Graduate Development Awards, 2016) as well as frequent, informal acknowledgements from other clients. One of our Workshops was the second most highly rated session at a client’s two full-day conference of 100 participants, only bettered by their CEO’s speech.

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How can we help you?

Our assessment products and services can support across your entire process, whether your need is for something straight 'off-the-shelf', customisable or completely bespoke.

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